We proudly serve demanding industries such as:


The automotive industry’s demand for high performance,  major application opportunities and advancements in replacing traditional structural materials with today’s new advanced composite materials.


High advanced CNC, help us make high quality products,  customer satisfaction is always our main goal.


Our primary service is to produce all kinds of metal parts & components for our clients base on their general requirement or exact design.

Health Care & Life Sciences

High Precision Stainless Steel Medical Equipment Parts Small Non Standard for a variety of clients.

About us


Our Quality

The quality initiative at Vargas Manufacturing, Inc., is “a part of our culture”. At every stage of operation, from order entry through shipping, quality is a top priority.

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Machining Capabilities

• Small Parts: up to .500” diam x 5.21” long per chucking.
• Big Parts: up to 3.5” diam x 5.0” long.
• In 7 axis parts: up to 1.25 diam x 6.0” long.
• Toolroom Mill 40”x16”x16”


Our Equipment

We invest heavily in our processes, equipment and people. A few of our investments:
Gage Blocks and pins
Optical Comparators
Digital & Analog inspection equipment
Calipers and Micrometers
CNC Vision Systems

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